Chris Callor, “Transcendence”

ARTPRIZE | D2D – Featured Artist | Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Studio D2D News   •   July 20th, 2018

artist dressed like mad scientist next to his psychedelic artwork created from multicolor strobe lights and strings

Meet the Artist

Chris Callor is an Idaho based creator that manifests ideas into reality.  Best known for his patented string spinning technology, this is his first ArtPrize exhibit. ArtPrize is a radically open, independently organized international art competition and festival, open to all and determined equally by public vote and expert jury.  The festival takes place each fall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the past 2 years, Callor has exhibited his art creations at regional Burning Man events and outdoor music festivals across the United States. He shares more of his artwork, and a bit about his journey, on his website, “The String Spinner.”

man in the dark, working on an art piece created from string and strobe lights

The Art

Transcendence is a kinetic wave form science experiment that quickly became an interactive awe inspiring art installation. 18 months of experimentation and observation were required to perfect this new art form. In harmony with Studio D2D’s theme, “History Repeating”, Transcendence revolves around the Buddhist Dharma Wheel and its teachings.  Meditation and contemplation are important aspects in the creative process as learning from mistakes is essential in progress just as learning the mistakes of one’s past are essential in rewriting one’s future.

man in the dark working on an artpiece created from strings and strobe lights

From the Artist

“I attended ArtPrize 9 as a spectator in 2017 because I failed as an artist applicant.  In 2018, I revised my approach and am proud to announce I will be attending ArtPrize 10 as a participant.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to transform the dark windowless basement room provided by Studio D2D into an uplifting awe inspiring and thought provoking experience.  

I look forward to learning more about myself and others during ArtPrize 10.  I believe we attend such exhibitions seeking connection and inspiration. ArtPrize is a perfect opportunity to meet thousands of people searching for deeper meaning in their selves through the art they experience.  Secondly, I have focused on the scientific principles of my installation over the past 2 years. This themed exhibit requires me to focus on the spiritual aspects of me and my creation and for that I am grateful.” Chris Callor-ArtPrize 2018

man working equipment on a beach
artist with blond hair making a crazy face
artist standing in front of a large ancient building
old vintage light lit up at night on a downtown building

Thanks for Stopping By!

We are so excited to continue this series featuring the talented artists who will be calling Studio D2D-The Harris Building home during ArtPrize 2018! If you are in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize, make sure to swing by, Studio D2D will be a fantastic place to be! For more information on the festival, or the artists, you can head over to the ArtPrize website and create an account to stay in the loop!

~ Team D2D